Chinese Burners

Chinese Burners

Los Angeles Review of Books China Channel 26 April 2019
At Home in Larry’s World: An Evolving Eulogy

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18 June 2018

Culture, Capital and Copycats in a Globalizing Burnerverse

Keynote Speech, Australia and New Zealand Burning Man Leadership Summit
2 June 2018

On Radical Repetition

Burning Man Journal
20 February 2017

Hong Kong Activists Undeterred After Bruising Taiwan Visit

Taiwan Sentinel
10 January 2017

The end of China-Taiwan rapprochement tourism

China Policy Institute: Analysis
25 July 2016.

Occupational Ethnography in the Taiwan Sunflower and Hong Kong Umbrella Movements

Anthropology News
31 March 2015

Umbrella Politics: What American movements can learn from the Hong Kong protests

3 December 2014.

In Search of Sunflower Seeds in Hong Kong

Thinking Taiwan
25 November 2014

Hong Kong Umbrella protests are here to stay

The Guardian
12 November 2014

A tale of Sunflowers and Umbrellas

Thinking Taiwan 
3 October 2014

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